TUBISAD is representing the strongest collective voice of the companies operating in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and New Media sectors.

Over 200 active member companies of TUBISAD are governing an economic volume of annually 40 billion USD in Turkey.

The primary mission of TUBISAD is to foster ICT in becoming the fundamental sector contributing to Turkey’s economic growth and to promote collective interests of the member companies while abiding by universal values and maintaining its independency.

TUBISAD’s Member of Board combines 21 direct and 9 deputy members from the leaders of the Turkish ICT sector. 

Activities and Services

1 - Impact on Sectoral Policies 

  • Increasing the level of support for innovation
  • Fostering the development of medium sized enterprises
  • Facilitating standardization of regulations imposed on taxation and foreign trade and auditing of compliance  with them
  • Advocating widespread compliance with the copyright protection laws
  • Increasing the number of public services offered via electronic platforms
  • Supporting environment-friendly technologies

2 - Increasing Publicity and Awareness about the Sector

  • Creating awareness about the economic importance of the sector
  • Announcing nationwide and international success stories
  • Communicating collective objectives of the sector
  • Building strong relationships with the local and foreign press

3 - Sectoral Growth and Profitability

  • Development of local value added solutions and services
  • Launching sectoral standards, certification programmes and regulations
  • Fostering high quality in education and employment
  • Establishing proper conditions for fair competition
  • Fostering export sales of technological products and services
  • Enabling collaboration and information sharing among companies in sector

4 - Center for Reliable Commercial and Intellectual Information

  • Reliable sectoral data creation and sharing
  • Performing sectoral data analysis and market research
  • Informing the society about sectoral trends and estimates


DIGITALEUROPE - European Information & Communications Technology Industry Association 
TUBISAD, since 2007, has been a member of DIGITALEUROPE, the European Information & Communications Technology Industry Association dedicated to improving the business environment for the European ICT and consumer electronics sector, and to promoting the industry’s contribution to economic growth and social progress in the European Union.
WITSA – World Information Technology and Services Alliance
TUBISAD, since 2003, has been a member of the WITSA, a consortium of over 60 information technologies (IT) industry associations that represents 90 percent of the world IT market, being the global voice of the IT industry.

Member of the E-Transformation Turkey Project Executive Committee
TUBISAD is a member of the E-Transformation Turkey Project Executive Committee that was established by the coordination of the Prime Minister on December 4, 2003 dedicated to the implementation of the E-Transformation Turkey Project.

Official Partner of EITO - European Information Technology Observatory
TUBISAD, since 2008, has been an official partner of EITO.

Key Activities

  • Realize the benefits of new economy including convergence and digital media potential
  • Improve the quantity and quality of high skilled workforce
  • Promote the penetration of ICT among Turkish SMEs
  • Increase the awareness of strategical importance of ICT among private and public sectors
  • Influence the regulations and National IT Policies for a healthy, competitive and sustainable  ICT market in  Turkey
  • Encourage the government for digital transformation

Priorities and Key Activities

TUBISAD primarily seeks to ensure progress and growth of the ICT industry in Turkey by

  • Establishing proper conditions for fair competition
  • Attaining sustainable profitability in the industry
  • Increasing the level of contribution of the value added solutions and services to the total sectoral revenue
  • Supporting the convergence of information and telecommunication technologies
  • Becoming the leading non-governmental organization in Turkey dedicated to strengthen the potential of its    members through high quality services and up-to-date sectoral information
  • Performing necessary activities to increase the volume of the ICT sector in the overall Turkish economy and overseas
  • Increasing the share of government budget dedicated to ICT industry’s R&D activities and participating at the relevant  decision bodies
  • Aligning local legislations with the corresponding regulations of the European Union and other developed   countries  in a way to contribute to the development of the ICT sector